AP Calculus AB Lecture Notes: Calculus Interactive Lectures Vol.1 by Rita Korsunsky

AP Calculus AB Lecture Notes: Calculus Interactive Lectures Vol.1

Book Title: AP Calculus AB Lecture Notes: Calculus Interactive Lectures Vol.1

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1500763845

Author: Rita Korsunsky

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Rita Korsunsky with AP Calculus AB Lecture Notes: Calculus Interactive Lectures Vol.1

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This book contains the slides printouts of all the Powerpoint presentations on topics covered by the entire Calculus AB curriculum and tested on the AB Exam. These Lecture Notes can be used for both review and learning, and are a perfect fit for every student no matter their current knowledge of Calculus.
Every example and every lesson targets a specific skill or formula. With this book, you will have every concept you need to know at the tip of your fingers.

These Lecture Notes illustrate every problem, walking you through the procedure step-by-step. Every proof, example, or theorem is explained concisely and accurately there.

This book reflects the recent changes in the College Board requirements for 2018 AP Calculus AB exam.
You can take notes on this book, study from it, and use it as test preparation material for chapter tests as well as for the AP test.
At the end of this book, you will find the list of all the formulas and theorems needed for the AP test.
Our books are written by Mrs. Rita Korsunsky, a High School Mathematics Teacher with many years of experience teaching AP Calculus.
Her lectures are rigorous, effective and engaging. Students frequently credit their success on the AP Exam to these thorough, detailed and concise lecture notes.
Her students’ AP Scores speak for themselves:

In average 100% of her students pass the AP Exam
and 94% of her students get 5 on the AP Exam

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